Bitcoin Confidential: 100% Private Cryptocurrency from Block Zero

Today we consider Bitcoin Confidential a new completely private cryptocurrency. Clarification: The Smartcash team initially implemented a privacy feature on top of SMART via zerocoin. However, they removed it after 6 months as they discovered major flaws in the code. Zcash and Zcoin ended up coming to the same conclusions and following the path taken […]

Where is Bitcoin headed? $100 or $1,000,000?

  Notes: BTC Price: $1M prediction: $740k prediction: $250k prediction: $40k prediction: $28k prediction: $100 prediction: PBL BTC recommendation (membership required): PBL portfolio (membership required): TCR portfolio (membership required): Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is or intends to be financial advice of any kind.

Five Minutes with Ronnie Moas: On Bitcoin, “The Halving,” Plus Four Names

We had the pleasure of meeting renowned stock picker and cryptocurrency analyst Ronnie Moas tonight at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. Despite missing a special appearance from Steve Braverman (Arbitrade/DIG), there was enough time to chat with Ronnie about his cryptocurrency outlook as it stands. Regarding the Litecoin “halving,” see Take minute to […]